Monday, February 25, 2013

What Are These?

Can someone please tell me what these are called?

A visit to the grocery produced this little gems. They look like a cross between a plum and a lemon. Look at the way the bottom goes down like a tear drop or the end of a lemon.  Of course I didn't know what the heck they were and they didn't have a name for them but they did have a cup to sample them. I didn't sample them, but was curious to bring them home to study what they were and to taste test in the privacy of my home. I only go two, but I will keep you posted as to what they taste like.

Have a great go be creative! T

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to cover a mistake

The project of the day is paper piecing with a muslin foundation. But because I am not that verse in this subject matter you would think following a straight line would be easy, apparently not. If you look real closely you can see where I messed up. I'll admit this is not my specialty, but it was fun making. So what did I do, I covered some of the seams with quilting and fabric paint to cover the mistakes. Nothing like a Chevron design out of flying geese, how is that possible.

Enjoy! Now go be creative and have a wonderfully productive night. Later T

Monday, February 18, 2013

What a Year...Literally! Welcome 2013

It's been quite a while since I have written and I've missed it so, this past year has been an interesting one to say the least and hopefully we can get back on track somewhat. So what are your plans for this year? I have a laundry list and one is to get published, self-publish my own project, and submit my quilts to more shows this year. That is a TALL order but with determination I am gonna make it happen. So what have I been working on lately? Over the x-mas holiday I worked on one quilt, one for my brother I'd been working on forever with the tons of squares and triangles that was on the cover of American Patchwork, then low and behold, I was at quilt guild and that lady who designed that quilt was our cool was that. She held up that quilt I almost fell out of my seat with excitement. Other gifts included tons of knitting gifts for family and friends. It was a challenge but I am always up for a challenge. I brought in the new years with family and made it home safely. It was a blast! I hope everyone had a great one as well and now ready for a new and wonderful year. I am signing off for now but I will be back.

Take care and you know what my motto is..."Who cares if my points aren't straight!" Happy Quilting and go make something wonderful! T

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project of the Day is....

Good morning. Scraps, scraps, everywhere! In the efforts to get rid of some of these scraps, I had a need to create this pouch for some needlework designs. Imagine that, like I need another bag for something. I love putting these together and adding hand work for a fast quick project within a few hours or so. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Copyright Chatter to Ponder

Seems there has been a lot of chatter about Copyright in the blog community about what is and isn't the proper edict. I would just like to give my 1 cent of this subject. I like others work hard for what I do and even though I am still considered a starving artist (as they say) my ideals, my creations, and anything that comes from my brain is my own. Do you know how hard that is? You have those who create, you have those who enjoying making those items, and you have those who enjoy selling those items. It's like the cycle of life, it's a full circle, but this needs to be done in an ethical manner. Credit needs to be given to those artists and designers. You make something within the designer’s guidelines, give credit. Remember that "fine" print? If you can't see it, that is where the information is located! When in doubt contact the owner/operator/creator/designer/artist or whatever the title is. This term falls under numerous umbrellas. When everyone works together, everyone benefits, i.e. the circle of life. These are my guild lines: COPYRIGHT NOTICE Applies to any pictures, designs, publications, as well as reproduction on or through the internet, posting, auction sites, scanning, or e-mail transmissions without prior written permission will be prohibited. Please be advised, artist are working together to stop this nonsense of copying others designs and its content thereof. If it wasn't purchased from me and my brain, it's not yours and doesn't give you the right to recreate, sell or anything else unless you are given permission to do so. With this said.....have a wonderful day and go use your brain for something creative today! Later T
Madison says "Oh No, Please don't go there!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wool Fun...

I have been MIA playing with my wool fabric and making a primitive rug. I have gotten all the flowers, leaves and the pot done and now all that is left is filling in the background. I can't wait to see this finished. I love prims, who would have known. I would love to create a runner. I will have to work on that one. This rug will currently be about 2ft by 3ft. That is not a bad size. I have always made small hooking projects, so this is large to me. In case you were wondering, this design is from the Purely Primitive Rug Hooking book by Pat Cross. Signing off til next week! Enjoy T

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wool on my Mind

Cut up, washed and felted prior to dyeing. Wool on the bolt does not feel the same once it has been washed. On the bolt it may have a thin shiney surface.
Dyed and folded.
So I took a trip to my favorite local fabric market today. I had wool on my mind. I would consider myself still a beginner and I have been wanting to get back to my rug hooking but just couldn't sum up the funds to pay for the prices they want for just a small piece let alone a huge piece for a decent sized rug. One yard can be as much as $54 and the smallest piece can be $8 for just an eighth inch cut. Don't get me wrong, I love supporting the cause, but I love a deal when I see one as well. So off on my adventure I found it, bolts, and bolts of it! Wool, 100% pure wool. I was in heaven. I bet you will never guess what I paid for it? I purchased 12 yards of it for........$1 a yard, yep! $12 for a bolt, not bad and this is 54 inches wide. At first I was like this can't be 100% and I wasn't even going to get upset if it wasn't 100% wool because I got a deal. I cut it up, washed in HoT water and it felted lovely. I dyed it and now I am off to work on my rug. I saved....$636 dollars at roughly $54 dollars a yard. The same silk I purchased at a quilt shop one year for $25, I happened across it at the market and I paid $4 a yard. I must have lost my mind that year paying $25. Only 1 yard was in the budget. LOL So the lesson here is, find a fabric market. If you are willing to rummage threw stuff and take scuffs on your fabric and think outside the box, this is the place for you. It reminds me of a TJ Maxx where you rummage through the clothes or shoes to find what you’re looking for? That is what you do at this place; it's just a big warehouse full of all sorts of fabrics and never the same thing when you visit. So if you see something, get it, it may not be there next time. Do something creative every day! I think a mind is a terrible thing to waste not doing something creative. Hang around creative people, they motivate you the most. Have a wonderful night! Signing off T